Sunday, February 18, 2018

Psalm 9:1-10

From Trinity Psalter
Sung to "Immortal Invisible"

I now will give wholehearted thanks to the Lord,
And all of Your marvelous works will record.
In You will be glad and exultingly cry,
And praise to Your name will I sing, O Most High

When backward my foes were all turned in despair,
They stumbled and perished because You were there.
For You have defended my judgment and cause;
You sat in just judgment upholding Your laws.

You chided the nations, the wicked destroyed;
Their names You erased and forever made void.
The foe is consumed, is completely erased,
Their cities destroyed and their mem'ry effaced.

The Lord will eternally sit on His throne,
Establishing it for His judgment alone.
In righteousness He'll judge the world from His seat
And unto all peoples shall equity mete,

The Lord is a stronghold, a lofty strong tower,
For all the oppressed in their troubles' dark hour.
Those knowing Your name, Lord, trust You for Your grace;
You have not forsaken those seeking Your face.