Sunday, August 5, 2018

Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted

Stricken, smitten, and afflicted, see him dying on the tree!
‘Tis the Christ by man rejected; yes, my soul, ’tis he, ’tis he!
‘Tis the long expected Prophet, David’s son, yet David’s Lord;
by his Son God now has spoken: ’tis the true and faithful Word.

Tell me ye who hear him groaning, was there ever grief like his?
Friends thro’ fear his cause disowning, foes insulting his distress;
many hands were raised to wound him, none would interpose to save;
but the deepest stroke that pierced him was the stroke that Justice gave.

Ye who think of sin by lightly nor suppose the evil great
here may view its nature rightly, here its guilt may estimate.
Mark the sacrifice appointed, see who bears the awful load;
’tis the Word, the Lord’s Anointed, Son of Man and Son of God.

Here we have a firm foundation, here the refuge of the lost;
Christ’s the Rock of our salvation, his the name of which we boast.
Lamb of God, for sinners wounded, sacrifice to cancel guilt!
None shall ever be confounded who on him their hope have built.

Written by: Thomas Kelly, 1804, alt.
Music by: Geistliche Volkslieder

Lift High the Name of Jesus

Verse 1:
Lift high the name of Jesus,
Of Jesus our King.
Make known the power of His grace,
The beauty of His peace.
Remember how His mercy reached
And we cried out to Him.
He lifted us to solid ground,
To freedom from our sin.

Oh sing my soul,
And tell all He’s done,
Till the earth and heavens are filled with His glory!

Verse 2:
Lift high the name of Jesus,
Of Jesus our Lord.
His power in us is greater than,
Is greater than this world.
To share the reason for our hope,
To serve with love and grace,
That all who see Him shine through us
Might bring the Father praise.

Verse 3:
Lift high the name of Jesus,
Of Jesus our Light.
No other name on earth can save,
Can raise a soul to life.
He opens up our eyes to see
The harvest He has grown.
We labor in His fields of grace
As He leads sinners home.

By Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Ed Cash, and Fionan de Barra; 
© 2013 Getty Music Publishing (BMI), Alletrop Music (BMI), and Fionan de Barra (all rights admin. by

The Secret Place (based on Psalm 91)

Verse 1:
Who dwells within His most secret place
Is never far from His blessed grace
‘Neath His great shadow all will be well
No better place now for us to dwell

The secret place of God Most High
The shadow of our mighty King
The dwelling place where angels cry
Is where our praise will forever ring

Verse 2:
Fear not the terror that comes at night
Nor flaming arrows by morning light
His truth is always our sword and shield
Against His power, all foes must yield

Verse 3:
A thousand fall now at ev’ry side
Ten thousand more may have yet to die
Yet plague and sword can
Ne’er kill the soul
His angels guard us now safe and whole

Verse 4:
Refuge and fortress for all who trust
No safer pasture for men of dust
‘Neath wings and feathers of Holy Lord
No greater comfort can He afford

Music by Jeff Lippencott | Words by R.C. Sproul

See the Destined Day Arise

Verse 1:
See the destined day arise!
See a willing sacrifice!
Jesus, to redeem our loss,
Hangs upon the shameful cross;
Jesus, who but You could bear
Wrath so great and justice fair?
Every pang and bitter throe,
Finishing Your life of woe?

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Lamb of God for sinners slain!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ, we praise Your name!

Verse 2:
Who but Christ had dared to drain,
Steeped in gall, the cup of pain
And with tender body bear
Thorns and nails and piercing spear?
Slain for us, the water flowed,
Mingled from Your side with blood;
Sign to all attesting eyes
Of the finished sacrifice.

Verse 3:
Holy Jesus, grant us grace
In that sacrifice to place
All our trust for life renewed,
Pardoned sin, and promised good.
Grant us grace to sing Your praise
‘Round Your throne through endless days,
Ever with the sons of light:
“Blessing, honor, glory, might!”

Original words: Venantius Fortunatus (c.530-600), tr. Richard Mant (1837), Public Domain. Alt. words, chorus, and music: Matthew Merker © 2014 Matthew Merker Music (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

Christ The Sure and Steady Anchor

Verse 1:
Christ the sure and steady anchor, in the fury of the storm
When the winds of doubt blow through me, and my sails have all been torn
In the suff'ring, in the sorrow, when my sinking hopes are few
I will hold fast to the anchor, it shall never be removed

Verse 2:
Christ the sure and steady anchor, while the tempest rages on
When temptation claims the battle, and it seems the night has won
Deeper still then goes the anchor, though I justly stand accused
I will hold fast to the anchor, it shall never be removed

Verse 3:
Christ the sure and steady anchor, through the floods of unbelief
Hopeless somehow, O my soul now, lift your eyes to Calvary
This my ballast of assurance, see His love forever proved
I will hold fast to the anchor, it shall never be removed

Verse 4:
Christ the sure and steady anchor, as we face the wave of death
When these trials give way to glory, and we draw our final breath
We will cross that great horizon, clouds behind and life secure
And the calm will be the better, for the storms that we endure

Christ the shore of our salvation, ever faithful ever true
We will hold fast to the anchor, it shall never be removed

By: Matt Boswell & Matt Papa

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Trinity Psalter

The Trinity Psalter is what we have been using in the past year to explore Psalms that we can sing together with familiar tunes from other hymns.

If you are interested in buying a copy to incorporate into your time of family worship, you can purchase a copy online at the link noted above. Make sure to get the one with the red cover.

Hymns of Grace

Here is the hymnal that we selected for our congregation to use on the Lord's Day. This has most of the 100+ songs that we have already been doing for the past 10 years and includes both hymns that are from past generations and hymns that have been written in recent years.

Hopefully, you will be able to start incorporating this hymnal into your family worship. We will explore many of the other songs that are in here which we haven't sung together yet.

Psalm 9:1-10

From Trinity Psalter
Sung to "Immortal Invisible"

I now will give wholehearted thanks to the Lord,
And all of Your marvelous works will record.
In You will be glad and exultingly cry,
And praise to Your name will I sing, O Most High

When backward my foes were all turned in despair,
They stumbled and perished because You were there.
For You have defended my judgment and cause;
You sat in just judgment upholding Your laws.

You chided the nations, the wicked destroyed;
Their names You erased and forever made void.
The foe is consumed, is completely erased,
Their cities destroyed and their mem'ry effaced.

The Lord will eternally sit on His throne,
Establishing it for His judgment alone.
In righteousness He'll judge the world from His seat
And unto all peoples shall equity mete,

The Lord is a stronghold, a lofty strong tower,
For all the oppressed in their troubles' dark hour.
Those knowing Your name, Lord, trust You for Your grace;
You have not forsaken those seeking Your face.

My Worth Is Not In What I Own

Verse 1:
My worth is not in what I own
Not in the strength of flesh and bone
But in the costly wounds of love
At the cross

Verse 2:
My worth is not in skill or name
In win or lose, in pride or shame
But in the blood of Christ that flowed
At the cross

I rejoice in my Redeemer
Greatest Treasure,
Wellspring of my soul
I will trust in Him, no other.
My soul is satisfied in Him alone.

Verse 3:
As summer flowers we fade and die
Fame, youth and beauty hurry by
But life eternal calls to us
At the cross

Verse 4:
I will not boast in wealth or might
Or human wisdom’s fleeting light
But I will boast in knowing Christ
At the cross

Verse 5:
Two wonders here that I confess
My worth and my unworthiness
My value fixed - my ransom paid
At the cross

By Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Graham Kendrick
© 2014 Getty Music

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul

Dear refuge of my weary soul, on Thee, when sorrows rise,
On Thee, when waves of trouble roll, my fainting hope relies.
To Thee I tell each rising grief, for Thou alone canst heal;
Thy Word can bring a sweet relief for every pain I feel.

But oh! When gloomy doubts prevail, I fear to call Thee mine;
The springs of comfort seem to fail, and all my hopes decline.
Yet gracious God, where shall I flee? Thou art my only trust;
And still my soul would cleave to Thee, though prostrate in the dust.

Hast Thou not bid me seek Thy face, and shall I seek in vain?
And can the ear of sov’reign grace be deaf when I complain?
No, still the ear of sov’reign grace attends the mourner’s prayer;
O may I ever find access to breathe my sorrows there.

Thy mercy seat is open still, here let my soul retreat;
With humble hope attend Thy will, and wait beneath Thy feet.
Thy mercy seat is open still, here let my soul retreat;
With humble hope attend Thy will, and wait beneath Thy feet.

Lyrics: Anne Steele (1716-1778), Public Domain;
Music: Matt Merker, © 2014

Psalm 128

(Sung to tune of 'Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee')

Blessed the man that fears Jehovah
And that walketh in His ways;
Thou shalt eat of thy hands' labor
And be prospered all thy days.
Like a vine with fruit abounding
In thy house thy wife is found,
And like olive plants thy children,
Compassing thy table round.

Lo, on him that fears Jehovah
Shall this blessedness attend;
For Jehovah out of Zion
Shall to thee His blessing send.
Thou shalt see Jerus'lem prosper
All thy days till life shall cease;
Thou shalt see thy children's children,
Unto Is-ra-el be peace.

All Glory Be To Christ

Verse 1:
Should nothing of our efforts stand
No legacy survive
Unless the Lord does raise the house
In vain its builders strive

To you who boast tomorrow’s gain
Tell me what is your life
A mist that vanishes at dawn
All glory be to Christ!

All glory be to Christ our king!
All glory be to Christ!
His rule and reign will ever sing,
All glory be to Christ!

Verse 2:
His will be done, His kingdom come
On earth as is above
Who is Himself our daily bread
Praise Him the Lord of love

Let living water satisfy
The thirsty without price
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet
All glory be to Christ!

Verse 3:
When on the day the great I Am
The faithful and the true
The Lamb who was for sinners slain
Is making all things new.

Behold our God shall live with us
And be our steadfast light
And we shall ere his people be
All glory be to Christ!

Words by Dustin Kensrue, arrangement by Kings Kaleidoscope
© 2012 Dead Bird Theology (ASCAP)

He Will Hold Me Fast

When I fear my faith will fail
Christ will hold me fast
When the tempter would prevail
He will hold me fast
I could never keep my hold
Through life’s fearful path
For my love is often cold
He must hold me fast

He will hold me fast
He will hold me fast
For my Savior loves me so
He will hold me fast

Those He saves are His delight
Christ will hold me fast
Precious in His holy sight
He will hold me fast
He’ll not let my soul be lost
His promises shall last
Bought by Him at such a cost
He will hold me fast

For my life He bled and died
Christ will hold me fast
Justice has been satisfied
He will hold me fast
Raised with Him to endless life
He will hold me fast
Till our faith is turned to sight
When he comes at last

Original Words vv 1-2 by Ada Habershon
New Words and Music by Matt Merker
©2013 Getty Music Publishing (BMI)


Verse 1:
See Him in Jerusalem
Walking where the crowds are
Once these streets had sung to Him
Now they cry for murder
Such a frail and lonely Man
Holding up the heavy cross
See Him walking in Jerusalem
On the road to save us

Verse 2:
See Him there upon the hill
Hear the scorn and laughter
Silent as a lamb He waits
Praying to the Father
See the King who made the sun
And the moon and shining stars
Let the soldiers hold and nail Him down
So that He could save them

Verse 3:
See Him there upon the cross
Now no longer breathing
Dust that formed the watching crowds
Takes the blood of Jesus
Feel the earth is shaking now
See the veil is split in two
And He stood before the wrath of God
Shielding sinners with His blood

Verse 4:
See the empty tomb today
Death could not contain Him
Once the Servant of the world
Now in vict’ry reigning
Lift your voices to the One
Who is seated on the throne
See Him in the New Jerusalem
Praise the One who saved us
Praise the One who saved us!

Written by Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson, Tiarne Kleyn
© 2014 CityAlight Music

Messenger Doxology

Praise and glory to the Father
Praise and glory to the Son
Praise and glory to the Spirit
Ever Three ever One

Written by: Matt Boswell
© 2012 Dayspring Music LLC