Thursday, April 8, 2010

Christ Centered Worship (Book Review)

At Sovereign Grace Baptist Church (Jacksonville, FL), we are continually thinking through and evaluating the way that we lead our congregation in worship. In doing this, we have found several resources that have been very helpful in thinking through the various elements of the worship service on the Lord's Day. The book, Christ Centered Worship (by Bryan Chapell), provides an excellent overview of the various liturgies of the church throughout history. Mr. Chapell also does an excellent job of identifying the faithful aspects of each liturgy. In the second half of the book, Mr. Chapell, walks through each element of these historical liturgies, (i.e. Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, Prayer of Illumination, Congregational Singing, Offering, Ministry of the Word, etc.) and helps the reader think through how these aspects might be implemented in today's church liturgies. Overall, this book was an excellent read and has helped us be more faithful in the way we lead our congregation. This book may be helpful for you as well.

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  1. great book, thanks for telling others about it