Monday, May 19, 2008

Come You Saints

Verse 1:
Come you saints lift up your heads
To find the hand of grace
Has carried you from Satan’s grasp
And brought you to this place
Where all designs of flesh will fail
And still His grace remains
For purposing His own good will
The Lord has come to save

Verse 2:
Come you saints to hear the voice
That sings from Calvary
The song that drew our wayward hearts
And brought us to believe
It’s grace the glorious Savior’s song
He paid so dear to sing
The words He cries “forgive, forgive”
Hold power to redeem

Verse 3:
When the days of toil end
And comes our glorious King
All sin removed, our eyes behold
The Lamb in majesty
Then great will be their Christian song
The loudest there will be
An endless praise in sweet refrain
Of God’s redeeming grace

Written By: Jonathan Baird, Ryan Baird
© 2006 NAP Record

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